Tor Sittichai

A gallery should always be a place for spontaneous decisions as well. One day Andre Fuchs, the owner of a resort in Isan, came with a 16 year old artist and his wife to MUMU.His name war Sittichai. He explained that he had seen him in Khon Kaen selling his paintings on the street. The reason was that he wanted to save his mother from prison with this money. She had too many debts. Sittichai showed me his paintings and I was stunned. What a talent. I directly gave him the place at the entrance of MUMU to work and sell his art. Then I called the editor of a big newspaper ‚THAI RAK‘.

In the next days Sittichai was in the main news on TV and all radio stations. He was on the front page of newspapers and magazines, was invited to talk shows and our gallery was visited by donators who wanted to help him. Six months later he went to court with his mother. The judge had heard about his story, asked him how much money he had earned… and then finished the trial and let his mother walk out of the court as a free person.

Oh, before I forget: we called the whole performance: BUDDHA HELPS. Of course. But –  yes! – art, too,  can sometimes help.